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OFFICIAL MOTORCYCLE was developed for those who are seeking to understand the view of the motorcycle makers about the bikes they produce. More than passion, the site brings the realistic perspective of the maker, the technical specifications, components and all about the products.

Here you will find the official information and images supplied by each brand, free of any interference, allowing you to spell out the purpose of the engineers, designers and planners during the development process of the motorcycle which you are looking for.

At OFFICIAL MOTORCYCLE you are able to keep updated about the fresh motorcycle models accessing the web page Latest. There you will find the newest 32 models recently launched on the main global markets.

But you also might find and study a particular motorcycle through the Keyword field at the home page or seek it at Motorcycle Brands.

If you have already defined your favorite motorcycle style and would like discover the available models, go to Types of Motorcycle and find the desired category.

Otherwise, if your search is further refined and you would like to find motorcycles with some specific characteristics, such as Seat Height or type of Final Transmission, make use of the tool Search, define your preferences and we will return with a straight response.

As bonus feature, we offer the market trend at Most Viewed, where you will be able to see the 20 most popular motorcycles at OFFICIAL MOTORCYCLE.

For those who are in love with a specific model or are involved in a purchasing decision process, we offer a feature which will help you to access your favorite models in a few clicks. You just have to find the models of your preference and mark them as Favorites. After that, go directly to the Favorites at the home page and you will easily find your bikes.

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