Here you will find the latest events we have attended to bring fresh information to our audience. Besides the information about the event itself, you will be able to see which bikes were added in the Official Motorcycle due to this meeting. Moreover, we will express in a small note our impression about the event.




Evento Teste

BMW Concept 101 2015 - Static 003


Date(s)-07 - 12 October 2015


Salão das Duas Rodas de São Paulo – 2015

The Salão Duas Rodas is one of the biggest two wheels events in the world and the main event in Latin America. Consecrated as the most complete show launches, exhibition brands and business generation, gives all participants a fascinating experience through attractions, rides and relationship testing


Date: 07 – 12 October 2015

Time: from 14h00 to 22h00

Local: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi – Avenida Olavo Fontoura, 1.209 – São Paulo – SP


NEWS FOR 2015:

1 exclusive day for press conferences and industry professionals aiming at carrying out networking and execution;

Free infrastructure for the use of motorcycle parts exhibitors, equipment and accessories for carrying out collective own;

Creation of two accesses to the pavilion for better distribution of the flow of visitors and valuing all exhibition areas.



Main reference and segment window.

Tradition of more than 25 years dedicated to the sector.

Focuses and active throughout the production chain related to the sector.

Business Generator, sale of motorcycles, parts, accessories, equipment, clothing and services.

Approaching different audiences (associations, organizations, government agencies, brands, exhibitors, businessmen, pilots, buyers and suppliers, media, etc).

Shows that increase the allure of relationship with the public and with the consumer;

93 % satisfaction of the exhibitors;

86% intend to return in 2015.

Some Bike Shown there:

CB 125F



Opinion of the author

The best motorcycle event in Brazil. (Only test)

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