Ducati Panigale 899

Panigale 899, a Supermid version created and designed as an ideal product for those who want to be a stylish part of the exclusive world of the high performance Ducati Superbikes. The 899 Panigale is a product of the genius and technological innovation of the Bologna-based firm and it's not just a supersports bike that's completely at home on the race-track, it's also a sophisticated streetbike for use on the road.


The 899 Panigale – Supermid perfection

The introduction of the highly-anticipated Ducati 899 Panigale provides a way to access the exclusive world of Ducati Superbikes with a “Supermid” version designed to provide the thrill of the latest generation flagship model with the refined character of an everyday streetbike.

The Superquadro engine features a revised bore and stroke for a broad power delivery, producing 148 hp (109 kW) with a torque of 73 lb-ft (10.1 kgm). The super-smooth power unit continues to be a fully stressed member of the innovative Panigale monocoque construction, achieving both an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and ride-enhancing agility with a dry weight of 169 kg (372.5 lb). An 1199 silhouette underlines the family DNA, while the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) and the fully integrated Riding Mode technologies of Ride-by-Wire, triple stage ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Engine Brake Control (EBC) continue the Panigale’s benchmark ingenuity.

Ducati’s constant pursuit of perfection now offers all-round performance for connoisseurs with an authentic and stylish way to enter the world of high performance. The 899 Panigale is available in traditional Ducati red with black wheels or a stunning arctic white with red wheels.

The best of both worlds

Ducati is passionately committed to further development of the Panigale concept both on the track and on the street and the 899 represents a “Supermid” version, intended to be a method of entry into the world of premium performance. With carefully designed, rider-friendly features, like increased seat cushioning and short final drive gearing for enhanced mid-range rideability, this model achieves a successful mix of authentic Italian performance with everyday usability, offering the very best of both worlds in absolute style.


The 899 Panigale is eqiuipped with 43 mm Showa BPF usd forks, fully adjustable in spring pre-load and compression and rebound damping. The bodies are finished in titanium grey and the sliders in chrome and feature forged radial calliper mountings on the fork feet. The Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) enhances damping control at low suspension speeds by flowing more oil at lower pressures and reducing the range over which the damping fluid has to flow during compression and extension. This innovative solution improves performance, while achieving a weight reduction compared to traditional forks. A steering damper completes the overall specification.

A fully adjustable Sachs rear suspension unit features a stylish and practical side-mounting, enabling increased space for the rear cylinder head. The unique positioning renders the suspension unit totally accessible for spring pre-load and compression and rebound damping and is designed with a progressive linkage operating through a double-sided swingarm.

Bosch Brembo Braking system with 3-level ABS

Included as an integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), the 899 Panigale is equipped with the Bosch ABS 9MP controlled Brembo braking system, an impressive combination of state-of-the-art security and proven performance. Shorter stopping distances with enhanced stability is further enhanced with full Riding Mode integration taking the 899’s braking to the next level of rider feeling.

From the 3-level programmed system, level-1 enables front only ABS with no rear lift-up prevention, intended for the track-oriented “Race“ Riding Mode, while level-2 delivers high braking performances with reduced rear lift-up prevention for sport-oriented road use in “Sport“ Riding Mode. Level-3, used in the “Wet“ Riding Mode, delivers the most braking stability with maximum lift-up prevention. An option to disable the ABS in each individual Riding Mode is available via the instrumentation, and the system allows the setting to be saved and memorised at the next ignition-on.

The front brakes use twin radially-mounted Brembo, four piston, Monobloc M4-32 callipers actuated by a high performance radial master cylinder. The fronts grip 320 mm discs, while a single 245 mm disc on the rear is gripped by a single Brembo calliper.

Wheels and tyres

The 899 Panigale rolls on lightweight 10-spoke wheels in 3.5 in front rim width and 5.50 in rear, enabling a fast change of direction and enhanced acceleration and braking performances. They are fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres with a 120/70 ZR17, on the front and an agility-enhancing 180/60 ZR17 on the rear.

Designed as a high performance tyre for the road and excellent for track sessions, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa profile and structure make it a perfect choice for the 899 Panigale with optimum support ensured during vehicle inclination and rapid realignment on corner exit. Developed with Pirelli’s latest Enhanced Patch Technology from World Superbike, the tyre uses a multi-compound composition with three zones on the rear that optimise the area of contact, ensuring optimum grip on road and track.

Ducati Riding Modes

Ducati’s industry-changing Riding Modes effectively offer an optimised set-up appropriate to rider and environment by selecting from a choice of three pre-set modes. Each Riding Mode is pre-programmed to instantly change engine character in addition to ABS, DTC and EBC levels – even while riding. The modes are made possible by combining a number of class-leading technologies.

An electronic Ride-by-Wire (RbW) system administers different mappings to regulate power delivery, while the Ducati Traction Control system (DTC) uses eight levels of system interaction to enhance control by reducing wheel-spin and the 9MP generation Bosch processor provides three environment appropriate anti-lock levels. EBC monitors crankshaft de-acceleration under heavy braking and administers RbW throttle opening to maintain optimum tyre traction.

Race Riding Mode

The Race Riding Mode provides the track rider with 148 hp with direct RbW throttle response, reduced DTC system intervention, a race-oriented EBC level and front-only ABS with no anti-rear lift-up.

Sport Riding Mode

The Sport Riding Mode provides the road or track rider with 148 hp, delivered with a “smooth” RbW throttle response, slightly increased DTC system intervention, a sport-optimised EBC and front and rear ABS with anti-rear lift-up.

Wet Riding Mode

The Wet Riding Mode provides the road or track rider with 100 hp, delivered with a “smooth” RbW throttle response, increased DTC system intervention, environment-appropriate EBC and fully enhanced ABS for low grip conditions.

899 Instrumentation

The 889 Panigale has a compact instrumentation panel with a well arranged and data-rich black on white LCD display. The unit displays RPM from 0-12000 in an easy-to-read bargraph positioned in a semi-circular shape across the top of the unit with speed indicated prominently in the centre of the screen.

The three riding modes of Race, Sport and Wet are positioned left of the vehicle speed value and are easily scrollable using the indicator cancel button on the left-hand switchgear. When each Riding Mode is selected its corresponding EBC, DTC and ABS levels are displayed to the right of the vehicle speed value with additional tags displayed above them to confirm Stopwatch, DDA or DQS functions when activated.

Further left of the three Riding Modes, the screen also displays a numeric gear indicator, a tag to confirm actuation of automatic lap-time GPS (if DDA+ accessory is fitted) and a service icon which appears when scheduled maintenance is due.

Engine coolant temperature is displayed at the lower centre section of the screen with rectangular windows of additional data positioned either side, scroll-controlled using two buttons positioned above and below the indicator cancel button on the left-hand switchgear. The upper button scrolls the left window to present total mileage, trip A, trip B, trip reserve fuel, trip time, time and lap time, while the lower button scrolls the right window for air temperature, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and average speed.

Illuminated icons on the top left of the instrumentation, from left to right, show warnings for left turn signal, engine electronics, ABS-off and neutral, while from top right of the instrumentation, from right to left, are turn signal right, fuel reserve, main beam and oil pressure. In the middle of these two banks of warning lights, and designed to advise via the rider’s peripheral vision, are a strip of red lights incrementally counting-up to engine over-rev, until finally illuminating also the main red over-rev warning light in the top centre of the display. Below the main top, centre over-rev bar is a second bar that illuminates orange to denote DTC interaction.

When the 899 Panigale is stationary, the instrumentation is accessible as a user-friendly control panel to personalise and save ABS, EBC, DTC, DQS, and RbW settings within each Riding Mode. Additionally, the stopwatch function, actuated manually by using the flasher button on the left-hand switchgear (or automatically with the GPS equipped DDA+ available as an accessory) can list the last 30 recorded lap times, each time also recording the associated lap number, maximum speed and maximum rpm. The brightness level of the display can also be adjusted from the same control panel area.


    Colour scheme

Ducati Red with black wheel rims

Arctic White with red wheel rims


-898 cm³ engine

-Riding Modes (Race, Sport, Wet)

-Ducati Safety Pack (ABS, DTC)


-Steering damper

Source: Ducati

Technical Specifications Ducati Panigale 899
Type Superquadro: L-twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic
Displacement 898 cc
Bore x Stroke 100,0 x 57,2 mm
Compression Ratio 12,5:1 cc
Maximum Power 109KW (148,20HP) @10750RPM
Maximum Torque 99NM (10,09 KGF.M) @9000RPM
Cooling System WATER COOLED
Fuel Supply System Mitsubishi electronic fuel injection system.Single injector per cylinder.Full ride-by-wire elliptical throttle bodies
Starter System Electric
Transmission Type 6 speed
Final Transmission System Chain Drive
Clutch Type Wet multiplate clutch with hydraulic control
Frame Monocoque aluminum
Caster Angle 24°
Trail 96 mm
Front Suspension Showa BFP 43 mm fully adjustable usd fork
Front Wheel Travel 120 mm
Rear Suspension Fully adjustable Sachs unit.Progressive linkageCast aluminum double-sided swingarm
Rear Wheel Travel 130 mm
Front Break 2 x 320 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Monobloc M4-32 callipers Bosch 9MP ABS
Rear Break 245 mm disc, 2-piston calliper
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
Rear Tyre 180/60 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
Overall Length 2050 MM
Overall Height 1100 MM
Seat Height 830 MM
Wheelbase 1426 mm
Kerb Weight 193 kg
Fuel Capacity 17 liters

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