Energica EGO

The world’s first all-electric superbike bred from the heartland of Italian racing legend. The Energica EGO. Designed and built by the same people who have designed and engineered racing performance from Formula One Racing to Le Mans 24h for over 40 years.

Energica EGO – Electric Revolution

Introducing the First Premium Electric Motorcycle

Energica Motor Company, headquartered in historic Modena, Italy, is the sustainable subsidiary of CRP Group – a pioneer in the world of international motorsports and a hub of excellence for its state of-the-art technologies. Over 45 years of innovation have made CRP Group one of the leading international players for cutting edge CNC Machining, Additive Manufacturing with advanced laser sintering materials Windform. CRP Group has invested in the new field of sustainable vehicles by creating Energica. CRP has put strategic know-how and technical direction into further developing electric technology and creating a line of premium electric motorcycles for the everyday rider.

Energica motorcycles are the ultimate expression of Italian luxury, masterfully manufactured in the Italian Motor Valley in Modena, Italy. Energica has brought together the brightest minds in Formula 1 racing, and only highly qualified workers assemble the Energica Ego. Each motorcycle undergoes countless quality control and performance tests, ensuring that each Ego is perfect.

Energica benefits in countless and immeasurable ways from the close relationship and consultation with parent company CRP Group – a leader in the Formula 1 industry. CRP’s success is measured by its ability to work in a problem-solving culture where fast customer response, top-quality production and cross-sector capabilities are critical, along with the ability to rapidly analyze problems and provide solutions.

The overall culture that distinguishes CRP Group is fully integrated into Energica Motor Company.

Immersion in the world of F1, aerospace industries and the CRP market environment keeps Energica at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and ready for future technology innovation.



The Energica brand is the brainchild of the CRP Group, a name you might not be familiar with unless you’re a Formula 1 racing team or a top Italian supercar company. CRP has been supplying the world’s most high-performance automotive builders with engineering, rapid prototyping and advanced materials to build the world’s fastest and most technically advanced cars for over 45 years.

It all started in post second World War Italy when Roberto Cevolini’s father, an inventor, made his mark by helping to rebuild his homeland. War-torn Italy could not be rebuilt because there was a shortage of materials, most notably bricks. Cevolini invented a machine that could reconstitute old bricks from bombed-out buildings by refurbishing them into a new shape to be reused and thus helped the rebuilding efforts.

Roberto Cevolini learned from his father and in 1970 started Roberto Cevolini & C. snc. The company’s focus was on the production of bleeding edge components for Formula 1 racing.

In 1996, with the apple not falling far from the tree, Roberto’s son Franco, who held a degree in materials engineering, formed CRP Technology – an R&D division of Roberto Cevolini & Co. The company developed proprietary knowledge in investment casting and then began to develop 3D printing processes, inventing the “Windform” material that revolutionized the 3D printing world.

In 2003, Roberto Cevolini srl merged with CRP Technology to form one of the greatest companies in high-end automotive engineering. Racing operations came under their own division as demand and business kept growing, leading to the formation of CRP Racing in 2006.

When European racing speed wasn’t enough, CRP USA was formed in 2008, diving head first into the heart of stock car racing. Today, the company has grown into three groups – CRP Meccanica, CRP Technology and CRP Service. All three work together as a team to collaborate with Energica Motor Company and CRP USA, forming one of the world’s leading-edge, high-performance automotive companies. Through this synergy, the idea for the next big thing in high technology and speed was born – Energica: the world’s first Italian racing-bred electric superbike.


Performance – A Green Heart

The green heart of Energica Ego is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets. It has 100kW (136 hp c.ca) of instantaneous power reaching from 4900 rpm to 10500 rpm and a torque of 195 Nm ranging from 0 rpm to 4700 rpm1.

Energica Ego goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds to reach a top speed2 of 150 mph with a vigorous thrust that does not make you miss the drops in the engine speed by the constant shifting of the classic internal combustion engines – making the Ego faster than a 600 supersport.


Power Battery Pack

Energica Ego uses a high-energy lithium-polymer (Li-NMC) battery. Contained in sealed housing (IP68) holding battery cells, the Battery Management System (BMS) has all the necessary provisions to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The battery keeps all high-voltage components encapsulated, making it impossible to accidentally be exposed to risk. The battery pack is an intelligent device with its own electrical brain, comprising dozens of sensors and electromechanical devices that constitute a closed subsystem to ensure maximum vehicle performance and driver safety in all environmental conditions.

The Achilles heel of all Lithium batteries is heating. To overcome this obstacle, Energica has designed a cooling system for the Ego battery pack that is superior thanks to its specific ventilation paths that limit the stress of the batteries. This provides considerable benefits to both performance of the vehicle and the life of the battery.

-Capacity: 11,7 kWh

-Life Cycle: 1200 cycles to 80% capacity (100% DOD)

-Recharge: 3.5 h (0-100% SOC), Fast charge in 30 min to 85% full capacity (optional)


VCU (Vehicle Control Unit)

The bona fide brain of the Energica Ego is the sophisticated Vehicle Control Unit.

Unlike other vehicles where the control units work separately on all controllers, the Ego’s battery, inverter, charger and ABS are constantly monitored and managed by one technological jewel: the VCU, completely designed and developed by Energica.

The state-of-the-art VCU implements a multimap adaptive energy, and a power management algorithm manages the vehicle. Carefully monitoring and adjusting the motor’s power according to the throttle thrust 100 times per second while riding. The VCU interfaces with the ABS system, controlling regenerative engine braking. This ensures the highest efficiency in energy usage and full functionality of the battery throughout the life of the vehicle, but also delivers great drivability and experience. The system is based on an architecture with dual redundant microprocessors to ensure the highest safety standards that constantly monitor the status of the battery, even in the key-off position. Ensuring superb efficiency in energy management of the battery even in prolonged periods of vehicle hibernation.


Innovation and Technology – Ride-by-wire System

The ride-by-wire system is the direct interface between the driver and the vehicle. Knowing its importance, Energica paid special attention to the development and refinement of this device.

The throttle control is composed of a rotary potentiometer and by a microswitch safety feature that is exclusive to Energica. The potentiometer detects the rotation of the throttle and is activated every time the accelerator is engaged or released.

The VCU manages both the potentiometer and the switch signal to fine-tune the torque demand to the engine based on the mapping selected, while the microswitch is used as a safety feature in case of malfunction of the throttle control.

The driving experience corresponds to four different motor mappings, which correspond to different values of maximum torque and different throttle responses. In addition, there are three different settings of regenerative braking that can be manually turned off by the driver.

Energica Ego does not have a gearbox or a clutch. Everything is regulated by the ride-by-wire system, allowing you to control the acceleration torque of the motor and deceleration based on the regenerative torque or engine braking.

A coasting feature is provided thanks to a “neutral” position between acceleration and regeneration.

The throttle acceleration is divided into:

– Simulation of traditional throttle control play

– Torque distribution

During deceleration, depending on the speed you are driving, the rider will find a small window where the vehicle can coast in neutral and the remaining percentage of rotation can adjust the regenerative braking torque. The more the rider closes the throttle, the more engine braking.


Park Assistant

Energica Ego is also equipped with a “PARK ASSISTANT” in order to facilitate parking and maneuvers on slopes or into rush traffic.

The VCU limits both the speed and the torque of the vehicle. The PARK ASSISTANT works back and forth (reverse mode) with maximum speed 1.74 Miles/hour (mph) and maximum torque 50Nm.

Further quick push of “START” button, will switch from forward to reverse mode to assist in tough maneuvers and if stuck in the middle of traffic.

Pressing the “START” for at least 1s when the motorbike is still the bike is back to normal speed.



The TFT full-color LCD dashboard on the Ego with 16.7 million display colors has excellent daytime and nighttime visibility. The active matrix dashboard creates a real Human Machine Interface for the Energica Ego. This technology allows great flexibility, supporting the flow of information and interactivity with the vehicle system. It can provide an extensive menu of configurations and advanced user diagnostics, which are easy to read. It also monitors all of the functions and phases of vehicle operation, such as charging, driving, standby, and the connection with the outside world.

Energica Ego Dashboard displays real-time information, such as:

-10Hz Gps Module

-Bluetooth Dual Mode 2.1 and 4.0

-Real Time Clock

-Light Sensor

-Air Temperature

-Ice Warning

-Reverse Gear / Slow Forward Gear

-Instantaneous Power

-Motor Torque

-Instantaneous / Average Consumption

-Estimated Range

-Motor Map Management

-SOC Indicator (Battery State of Charge)

-ABS Control

-Battery Temperature

-Battery Charge Control

-Stopwatch (Last 100 Lap Time Storage)

-Winter Rest (Winter Break)

Go Electric – Feel the Speed

Today’s sport rider demands a bike that provides performance, technology and style in one package. Introducing a motorcycle so advanced it sets a new standard for electric performance. The high performance and versatility of the Energica Ego gives the rider a unique driving experience. With massive power,  azorsharp handling and a sleek Italian design – it’s a bike only Energica can deliver.



The connectivity for the Energica Ego is supported by Bluetooth (short range) and UMTS long range 1) 2) technology, allowing you to connect your vehicle to your smartphone, tablet or simply to your home computer via the Internet.

Energica Ego’s connectivity feature allows you to:

-Monitor the status of the motorcycle remotely via both short-range

-Bluetooth connection and 10/100 mt long range with UMTS connection

-Select the power level of charge

-Check the remaining battery capacity

-Send and receive data

-Register and post on social networks the lap times on the track

-Track the bike in case of theft

-Turn off the bike remotely in case of theft

Thanks to its versatility, the system can be constantly updated and implemented through new firmware  releases via the OTA method, allowing for the possibility of increasing the range of onboard applications:

Finding and reserving a charge point

Through this service, which is accessible from the dashboard, you can reserve the remote column for charging based on agency agreement

System recorded path facts

Out-of-town trips and driving statistics can be sent to a device (tablet / smartphone / computer) via web

Tool for planning routes and points of interest

Finding the best route to get to your destination.

System of communication between two vehicles via UMTS

Exchange and display in real-time on your dashboard lap times that a friend is doing when driving on the track, or calculate the delay time or advantage over another motorbike during a journey

Browser display on dashboard

The browser of your mobile phone communicates with the motorcycle’s dashboard, giving you the ability to conveniently view the information route directly on your display while driving



Energica Ego is the first electric motorcycle in the world with an ABS System. The latest generation ABS BOSCH on Energica Ego not only prevents the wheels from locking but is equipped with rear-wheel lift-up control that prevents overturn during emergency braking. The driver has the ability to turn the ABS system on and off using the dashboard.

The generation 9 ABS are modular and scalable in design. This means that, using a unique control strategy, these systems can be adapted to every type and size of motorcycle, from a light motorcycle to a heavy-duty tourer. They are among the smallest and lightest of ABS systems, weighing in at just 1.5 lbs, which is music to all bikers’ ears, regardless of whether they are wearing a racing suit or a touring jacket.

Rear Wheel Lift-up Control

Make each ride reach new heights without lifting the rear-wheel. When the brakes are strongly applied on two wheels, it is actually only one wheel that decelerates. This is because on sport motorcycles wheel load shifts in the direction of the front wheel, often causing the rear to lift up. To help in cases such as this, Bosch developed rear-wheel lift-up control.

This function evaluates the slip values of both wheels. If the rear-wheel threatens to lift up while braking, the rear-wheel lift-up control adjusts the pressure in the braking circuit of the front wheel with precision to keep the rear-wheel on the ground and avoid rollovers. This technology allows riders to be more confident on the road, regardless of road conditions.



Energica Ego comes standard with adjustable Bitubo rear suspension. Designed for the fastest starts, quickest stops, highest speeds, slowest crawls, tightest turns and sharpest bumps, Bitubo suspensions deliver precision handling and dynamic control for the rider.



Energica Ego is equipped with road-gripping Pirelli Diablo roso II tires, designed for great traction on every road.


Italian Design – Frame

The Ego has an Italian-style, tubular, craftsman-like trellis high strength steel frame. The steel frame provides a better feel than aluminum. For years it was believed that aluminum-framed road race motorcycles provided more “drive” than their steel counterparts. However, research has discovered that the steel frames actually act similarly to a spring, absorbing some energy as they flex and releasing it again when they snap back to their original form.

The sophisticated trellis frame is made using a system called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas). The purely manual welding produces high-quality joints initially used in the aeronautical industry.

The advantages of a tubular trellis frame are therefore represented by a comparatively smaller structure with higher torsional resistance and unparalleled accessibility. Essentially, a tubular trellis frame is better at harnessing horsepower of a high performance motor, with tighter and smaller dimensions around the body of the motorcycle. It also allows ease of maintenance and accessibility of the hands and tools of those who must work on the motorcycle.


At the Speed of Wind – Recharge

Energica Ego can be recharged through the columns in the outdoor charging stations or at home, equipped with an onboard battery charger with a cable interface on the charging station or remotely via Bluetooth connectivity/GPRS.

All charging parameters can be displayed directly on the dashboard or remotely via Bluetooth connectivity/GPRS. The vehicle’s on board charging socket is equipped with automatic locking device cable.


EGO Customization

Whether you choose the standard or deluxe model, this is the bike that will set you apart and make you a pioneer over the miles and the years. Available in Matte Black and Matte Pearl White.

You can customize your Energica Ego at the time of purchase. Custom features available: choose from EGO-CENTRIC, ALTER EGO and EGO+ optional lists.




Source: Energica Motor Company

Technical Specifications Energica EGO
Maximum Power 100,0 KW (135,96HP) @ 4900 to 10500 RPM
Maximum Torque 195,0 NM (19,88 KGF.M) @ 1 to 4700 RPM
Cooling System OIL COOLED
Final Transmission System Chain Drive - 525 O-ring chain
Overall Length 2140 mm
Overall Width 830 mm
Overall Height 1140 mm
Seat Height 810 mm
Wheelbase 1465 mm
Min. ground clearance 176 mm
Kerb Weight 258 kg
Battery Capacity 11,7 kWh

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